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The Maverick - White

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Noun: an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

With the great mavericks of the culinary world in mind, we set out to create a piece of chefs wear that would inspire stories- great stories.

A tribute to the rebels, free-thinkers, and trailblazers while reminding its wearer to go forth, upholding their spirit, and pave new ways of their own. A symbol to unify, through uniform, those unafraid to go against the grain and trust, above all else, their intuition, talents, and taste.

You see, within my own life, I am remembered not for my skills but for what I dared to do with them. For the moments I let inspiration and instinct override my orders, fears, and training and I dared to take a leap of faith in the name of creating, as I would a dish, something new -something out of the ordinary.

We set out to create a jacket that would remind chefs that nobody is born a Maverick but rather becomes one through their own agency. The makers of history are not those who preserve it but those brave enough to redirect it, stoking in them a fire many feel but few are bold enough to embrace. A tenacity of spirit that is brave enough to be called 'outrageous’, ‘reckless”, and 'insane', long before it is called ‘genius’.

In this spirit, we created something that would pay tribute to this fire - a garment which reminds its wearer that the boldest thing one can do with tradition is dare to change it.

We see this as our message of encouragement for the soon-to-be game-changers and history-makers of the culinary world and something to wear while doing so.

Standing at the meeting place of tradition and trend, The Maverick adds a modern twist to the traditional chefs’ coat. Thanks to form and design inclusions that ensure ease of movement and breathability, The Maverick provides an aesthetically pleasing opportunity for chefs to work with ease and comfort while taking pride in their appearance:

  • Designed with a short sleeve, V-neck, and a welted front chest pocket, The Maverick adds a modern twist to the tradition chefs coat.
  • An easily accessible thermometer/pen pocket on the sleeve adds ease to your work environment.
  • ½ back performance Birdseye Mesh and lightweight knitted stretch fabric adds high-performing breathability and ventilation to help you keep your cool.
  • Enjoy ease of movement thanks to side seam slits.
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