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As we all sit at home and practise social distancing and wait for the global lockdown caused by COVID-19 to run its course, many of us are worrying what the future will hold for us and the impact it will have on the tourism and hospitality industries. The bad news is nobody really knows the full impact of this pandemic, but what we do know is that things will change as a result of this global shutdown and our best advise is to prepare yourself for this new future as best you can.

Time will tell as we all work on "flattening the curve" by staying at home and now more than ever its a great time to get our lives in order and get your CV’s and Culinary Portfolios up to date, so that when business returns back to normal that we as the hospitality industry are ready and armed to get back into the kitchen as soon as possible. If you as a chef are uncertain about your current position or are looking for a new position, our advice is to use this down time to work on your CV and Culinary Portfolio as a priority. Having the right tools will give you a head start in looking for a new position in any kitchen going forward and especially now more than ever you need to stand out from the crowd.

I previously wrote an article on Linkedin titled "THE ERA OF THE CREATIVES - THE CREATIVE REVOLUTION” its a good starting point on were we believe the future is going for creatives and chefs. But basically to recap we believe that those chefs who have the ability to create and leverage their creativity on social media platforms will win in the long run. It is our view that in this new digital age, creative sits side by side with technology and in the long run creative actually wins because AI and the machines cannot create, so your future as a chef is bright, you just need to take the steps..

The key ingredients you need to be successful in 2020

Its vital that you take action and when looking for a job as a chef it’s important to set yourself apart from other applicants. There are 3 key areas we believe that need to be addressed to stand out :

1. Your CV or Resume.

2. Your creative Culinary Portfolio.

3. Your Digital and Social Profile as a Chef.

You cannot expect to stand out from the crowd without a strategy, you need a modernised and solid plan to achieve this. Our vision over the next few weeks is to expand on each of these 3 key areas above as we believe that each are worthy of their own in depth 'HOW TO" article and we will deep dive into each of these topics to help you get the most out of your downtime and explain how they all work together to help build your profile as a creative chef in todays new world. We want you to look good as a chef both in the kitchen, on paper and on digital media..!

We look forward to putting this together and interacting with you as a chef and if you have any questions or ideas we would love to hear your comments below.


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